Liz Lippiatt website build

  • Screenshot of Liz Lippiatt website homepage
  • Screenshot of Liz Lippiatt events page
  • Screenshot from Liz Lippiatt's website


This was a quick project, and marked the first time I worked for Southmedia on a project. Design credit goes to Matt Fawkes.

I was brought in to provide the front-end development for the project – install Drupal, theme according to the design spec, and help Drupal do its magic.


It was good to get working with Ben Treadaway, the director of Southmedia and a friend of mine. And it was good for my confidence that he said how impressed he was with the speed of my work. I enjoyed being able to go in and do my role, as others did theirs, without needing to shoulder responsibility for the whole project.

Responsible for:

  • Drupal installation and theming.
  • Web development (HTML/CSS).
Date: November 21, 2012