Email template design for Rob Lilwall

  • Design for Rob Lilwall
  • Screenshot of mobile version of Rob Lilwall's e-newsletter
  • Screenshot of sign up form for Rob Lilwall's e-newsletter


Rob wanted to add an e-newsletter service to his marketing mix, to keep people informed about his latest adventures and the book he is writing.

He contacted me and I designed a template to match the branding of his website, which I also designed… 


I’ve created a nice looking template which is mobile friendly (i.e. the display adapts to fit on mobile devices). I created a set of cool images that Rob can easily drop into each newsletter. I’ve also integrated the sign-up form to display as a widget on his website, so let’s hope lots of people sign up!

Responsible for:

  • Design of the email template and sign-up form
  • Configuring MailChimp
  • Integration on roblilwall.com
Client:Rob Lilwall
Date: October 09, 2012