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"Our clients are really reacting warmly to the new website and we know it has already won business for us, so it's been a great investment."
Frank Hutton, Founder and Director, Hutton&co
“I suspect that a key element in any new business today is an effective website and one that delivers a clear message. I hired Dan to do just that and I was not disappointed.”
Pete Johnstone - Owner, PJ.elements
“Daniel became an integral part of the team. He took a positive and proactive approach to suggest where his skills were best employed and could add the most value.”
Sarah Jeffs - Creative Production Manager, City of Bristol College
“He did an amazing job, and I was extremely happy with the new site - it is slick, professional, captivating - just what I wanted.”
Rob Lilwall - Adventurer, Author, Speaker
“He picked up the task of rebuilding a key website for the organisation very quickly and overcame numerous obstacles to deliver a much improved service to its customers.”
Chris Moos - New Media Manager, Natural England

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